Apple Podcast Analytics Is Live

Apple Podcast Analytics is now available via Podcasts Connect.

To see analytics for your podcasts, once you log in your account, select “My Podcasts” in the top left corner, then the purple “Podcasts Analytics” icon.

Podcast analytics

WARNING: You May Be Depressed

Like a photo taken using an iPhone X, you’re able to see far more details on Apple Podcast Analytics than were previously available. And if you’ve been thinking “downloads” are the metric of how successful your podcast is, you might find the “truth” Apple is now sharing with you shocking.

You now have access to these three numbers:

  1. Number of devices accessing your podcast.
  2. Total time your podcast has been listened to.
  3. Time per device that your podcast has been listened to.

Note that this is just for access to your podcast via Apple’s Podcasts app. You likely have more people listening to your podcast than what you’ll see on Apple’s Podcast Analytics page, but according to a study done in 2015, 82% of mobile podcast listening happens on iPhones with 78% done via Apple’s Podcasts app, so it’s a fairly good indicator or how well you’re doing as far as listenership.

Want help boosting these numbers? Get daily podcast marketing tips via Big Podcast Daily, the marketing podcast for podcasters  You can subscribe now using Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music.

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