Would A “Podcast Genome Project” Help Podcasts Be Discovered?

How does Pandora pick its music recommendations? They have a team of trained musicologists who listen to each song in the system and categorize it by tracking over 450 musical attributes.

The company wants to do something similar for podcasts to help podcast listeners easily browse and discover new shows.

Here are my suggestions for the first 10 attributes to get the Podcast Genome Project off to a good start…

  1. host doesn’t get to the point
  2. multiple guys smoking weed talking about movies
  3. multiple guys drinking beer talking about sports
  4. couple who shouldn’t be married giving marriage advice
  5. parents who overshare about their kids
  6. host uses “the radio voice”
  7. sounds like it was recorded in a cavern
  8. another podcast about making money online
  9. host appears to be dead — GET THE DEFIBRILLATOR!!
  10. dub-step intro music

Our biggest dilemma as podcasters isn’t a lack of discoverability, but that we have nothing worth discovering. There are already plenty of great methods for podcast discovery, such as the “listeners who subscribe to this podcast, also subscribe to these podcasts” options which help to organize and distribute word-of-mouth and other discovery methods that are already in place successfully working.

Would a Podcast Genome Project be helpful to you as a podcaster? Only if you have a podcast worth listening to.

We need more great podcasts more than we need new methods of podcast discovery. If you need help making this happen, check out Big Podcast Daily via Apple Podcasts or Google Play and never miss an episode!

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