Should You Change The Name Of Your Podcast?

I did a podcast episode on this topic a couple of months ago. Last month, I wrote an article on Lee Silverstein, who’s had success with a podcast that gets 1000 (or fewer) downloads per episode.

This week, Lee changed the name of that podcast from The Colon Cancer Podcast to We Have Cancer.


Each year, more than 12 MILLION people will hear the same three DEVASTATING words: “YOU. Have. Cancer.”

As many of you know, I myself am a survivor of pediatric kidney cancer and Stage IV colon cancer.

My AMAZING wife Linda has taught me that *WE* have cancer, because every one of us is affected by it in some way — survivors, family, friends, and medical and support team members…

And we ALL have a story worth telling.

And this is why The Colon Cancer Podcast is transforming to a new name, while sharing the same inspiring stories.

Should You Change The Name Of Your Podcast?

If we waited to have everything perfect before recording and releasing our podcasts, we’d never release anything. There is no “perfect” when it comes to podcasting, because you, your audience, and the world around us is always changing. Beyond this, as we get deeper and deeper into our podcasts and more connected with the people who listen to us, we discover that our initial assumptions were wrong or no longer work for us.

I did this recently with my podcast for podcasters. I started to think about my ability do record and release a new episode every day. So I changed the name from Big Podcast Daily to Build A Big Podcast.

If changing the name of your podcast is going to help you reach more people, or reach more specific people, or create better quality episodes, by all means change the name of your podcast. And do it now rather than later. Build A Big Podcast, for example, is still a daily podcast and its content is the exact same as Big Podcast Daily. Lee is still sharing the same inspiring stories as before his name change, many of them about colon cancer. Changing the name of your podcast doesn’t mean you have to change anything about the content of your podcast, it may just help you explain what you’re already doing in a better way.

I have more thoughts on the subject on this episode of Build A Big Podcast called Why I Changed The Name Of This Podcast

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