Spotify – It Won’t Help Most Podcasts Get More Listeners

SpotifyMedia host Libsyn recently announced that Spotify accounted for 5.1% of its January 2018 downloads. The platform, recently out of a limited test launch for podcasts, is now available to any podcast hosted by Libsyn as well as other major media hosts.

So if you host your podcast on Libsyn, get it on Spotify!

But don’t think Spotify will be a magic bullet for your podcast’s popularity… While 5.1% would be a nice bump for any individual podcast, that number is a little skewed, since it accounts for all podcasts hosted by Libsyn and the majority of downloads are going to top shows from NPR, Gimlet, and other major providers. Unless you actively promote your podcast on Spotify, any bump to your numbers is likely to be a lot lower.

The Best Podcast Distribution Option

Spotify is responsible for a lot of podcast downloads because of its size. With approximately 140 million users, 70 million of whom actually subscribe to its paid service, almost anything you release via the platform is going to get some listens.

You want a lot of listeners though. Admit it and own it.

And you don’t want just the “crumbs” that come from random searches — you want listeners who will love your podcast, continue to listen, and ultimately engage with you.

Your best distribution option to make these things happen is to find the app your potential listeners are most likely to use and point them there. That’s the key — you have to take control of your podcast marketing by actively promoting your podcast. Otherwise, you podcast will get lost, especially on predominately music platforms like Spotify, which has over 30 million other files people can listen to instead of your podcast.

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