The Secret To Great Podcast Episode Art

One of the biggest issues podcasters face is “banner blindness” — visitors to a website or subscribers listening via a podcast player consciously or subconsciously ignore a graphic if it appears too often. Or more often in the case of podcasting, listeners confuse episodes of the same podcast because each has the same graphic.

The more podcast episodes you release, the more likely you are to have this issue. As an example, my marketing podcast for podcasters, Build A Big Podcast, is currently published daily. Not using episode art would mean subscribers see the same image in their feeds 31 times per month.

And the “black and white” cover art image for Build A Big Podcast isn’t very exciting…

BBP Cover Art 3000x3000

Black and white imagery can stand out when compared to full-color graphics, which is what 99% of other podcasts have and why I’m using it. But if you any image more than a few times, especially a single-color image, it’s easy for it to get lost.

The Secret To Great Podcast Episode Art

To help episodes of Build A Big Podcast stand out from other podcasts and differentiate themselves from each other, I have more than 60 episode graphics.

Images like these…


All have the same motif. And it’s obvious from looking at any of them which podcast they belong to. These things are key — when somebody looks at your episode art, he needs to know which podcast the episode is from. Random graphics, even though they may stand out, don’t do this.

Here’s a example of episode art from Collected Clan:

collected clan episode art

Again, all have the same motif and it’s obvious which podcast they belong to when viewing them in a feed.

Resources To Create Podcast Episode Art

Obviously, a program like Photoshop can handle this job. I prefer Canva for podcast episode art though due to its simplicity. It’s also free (for the basic version) and quicker to use than Photoshop. As a bonus, Canva has dozens of great “CD Covers” templates that work well for podcast art and will get you started on a great design.

Want another option? RelayThat that will take the basic elements you want to include in a graphic, such as your podcast’s logo, podcast name, and episode title, and automatically “remix” them to generate dozens of different design options. This is a great tool if you want to generate individual episode graphics not just for your podcast episode itself, but for social media outlets and other places where you promote your podcast.

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